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Born 8/23/1970 in Mladá Boleslav. In 1990 he started working for the largest producer of musical instruments in the region in Cremona Luby. At the turn of the millenium he passed the aprobatory exams in the atelier of Tomáš Pilař in Hradec Králové and thus became a member of the association of professional violinmakers “Kruh Umělců Houslařů”. This association unites some forty best violin makers in the Czech Republic. More >

What I do

Violin Workshop

Master luthier Tomáš Skála was exhibiting his instruments at international exhibitions in Germany and Holland and also took part in competitions in Mittenwald, Germany and in Utah, USA. His instruments are best known for their tonal qualities and for excellent craftsmanship. His construction is based on classical Guarneri and Stradivari models.

Luby u Chebu

The former Schönbach, todays Luby, lies in a territory previously called “the surrounding forrest” or “Lubský újezd”. First settlements of this area can be dated between 1100 and 1140. In the year 1319 the german king Ludwig IV. the Bavarian allows the abbot Johanm III. to make the village a town with the same rights as the close-by town Eger (Cheb). The tradition of violinmaking in Luby most probably started as early as the late 16th century. With the development of mining in Horní Luby, not only miners were comming to town, but also musicians. Making musical instruments was a side income in times of low profits from mining. This era however is not documented as the town with its archive was destroyed in a fire…


Generation of Violin Makers

Tomáš Skála was born in Mladá Boleslav and he has spent all his childhood in northern Bohemia in the Town Štětí, close to Litoměřice. Since early childhood he was interested in sports, mainly football and also had a passion for cars and motorbikes. Therefore at the age of 14 he studied to become a car mechanic. He continued working in this field for only 2 years. Then came a big change in his live as he moved to western Bohemia to serve in the army in the town Aš. Not far from there were Luby u Chebu, where he met his wife Martina Lupačová, a daughter of the famous master luthier Emil Lupač.

„The art of music begins with a skills of Master Violin maker“




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