Tomáš Skála Jr.


He was born in the West Bohemian town of Cheb and spent his early years in the small violin-making town of Luby. From a young age, he enjoyed working with wood (building model ships and wooden houses). Before enrolling in violin-making school, he crafted his first violin under the guidance of his grandfather and father. In 2013, he graduated from the violin-making school in Cheb, then pursued elite athletics, which brought him to Prague. He also dedicated himself to playing the guitar, sound engineering, and music production.


A significant turning point in his life occurred in 2020 when he returned to his hometown and, together with his father, master violin maker Tomáš Skála, founded the company Violin Schönbach. In the creation of new instrument models, he was significantly aided by the company’s mentor, master violin maker Emil Lupač. He and his wife Veronika Skála are raising two sons, Tomáš and Jan, with the prospect of continuing the violin-making lineage in the future.

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