Josef Sandner


Born in Schönbach (todays Luby). Came from a family where his father and grandfather were also devoted to the violin-making craft. After finishing his violin-making studies at the age of 17 he worked for two years at the workshop of master Lankll. There he has perfected his skills of varnishing concert and master instruments.

Since 1920 he worked on his own as a violin maker, specializing on concert instruments – violins and violas. During the times of the world economic crisis of the 1930s, there wasn’t demand for string instruments, so he worked in the quarries of Horní Luby and of course on his own little farm. During this time he also built several mandolins according to the Italian model.

After 1948 when all private workshops were nationalized he worked for Cremona Luby, where he specialized himself in making top quality violoncellos. His two sons Karl and Bruno died in World War II. His daughter Elfrieda married Emil Lupač, who later became a master luthier..

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